Due to our many years of experience in designing customer specific EMC components, our initial emission test lab has turned into a modern EMC test lab during the last ten years, where all relevant tests for meeting the European EMC Directive may be executed.

Our specialty is offering problem solutions during the development stage, i. e. from the very beginning of the development of a device on to the prototype and on to the final product and not only the routine measurement.

Due to our experience as manufacturer we are quite often in a position to offer a cheaper solution than other EMC testlabs which are "service providers" only.

The following tests may be carried out, either on our premises or on site at your company:

Emission (EN 61000-6-3 & -6-4, EN 55011, EN 55014-1, EN 55032,..):

  • conducted interference 9 kHz..30 MHz
  • interference power 30 MHz..1 GHz
  • electric field strength 30 MHz..18 GHz
  • magnetic field strength 9 kHz..30 MHz
  • low-frequency (power line) fields 5 Hz..30 kHz ("Electric Smog")

Immunity (EN 61000-6-1 & -6-2, EN 55035,..): 

  • electrostatic discharge 15 kV max.
  • RF-Field 10 V/m max.
  • electric fast transients (burst) 4.8 kV max.
  • voltage surges 4.4 kV max.
  • magnetic field 100 A/m max.
  • voltage dips and interrupts.

AC mains harmonics and voltage fluctuations
(EN  61000-3-2 and -3-3):
Single phase 16 A max.

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Head of EMC-Tests: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Uwe Lorenzen

Lab assistent: Ralf Irion.