EMI suppression filter

EMI Filters are ready to install housings which consist of several passive devices like chokes, capacitors, resistors, etc. They are mostly used where a user has an appliance of which he wants to improve EMI suppression 

Like plain chokes NKL® does create customized filters for their specific need. Contacting is easy-to-service by Wago® Cage Clamp, flat blade terminal or other ways. 

NKL® has a variety of over 200 different types of filters. Since we have experience of many years we are specialists in finding an optimal solution for most EMI problems. This may be filters with very low leakage current, temperature fuses, varistors, etc.. We offer power line filters from 24 VDC 4 A for EMI suppression of DC motors up to 3 x 400 VAC 50 A for frequency converters and for special applications such as feed through filters for shielded rooms. 

Areas of application:

  • Fixed installations like switch cabinets or control boxes which consist of standard component
  • Appliances which needs to be improved in its EMI suppression by the user.
  • Appliances which are build up modular (welding machines, washing machines, etc.)
  • Suggestions of proper installation:
  • The filter has to be installed as close as possible to the device.
  • The cables from the filter to the device have to be as short as possible and be kept away from other cables to avoid direct coupling of EMI by them.
  • The ground (earth) connector and the metal housing of the filter should be connected short and with a large contact area to the mounting plate or the chassis of the device.
  • Filters which are used for filtering a complete unit or a switch cabinet (not only a specific device inside), should be placed directly at the entry of the lines or cables into the enclosure. Do not lay these lines first through the whole enclosure before they are connected to the filter!

Please see our page "EMC adequate design of switch cabinets and facilities" which shows an example of a proper installation.


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