Corporate history and development

Since the mid-sixties, Klaus Lorenzen, the founder of the company, has been involved in interference suppression and EMC. He was the head of an EMI test laboratory in Stuttgart and afterwards became CEO of a manufacturer of inductive components. During that time he gained a lot of know-how in developing EMC compatible solutions. He continuously improved construction and production of inductive components. Some of it was patented. 

In 1979, Klaus Lorenzen established the NKL® GmbH in Gaildorf near Stuttgart. The company had been growing quite fast until the facilities became too small for over 40 employees. In 1991 he transferred the main production abroad. There, new facilities with almost 12,000 square feet were built in a free trade zone in 1994. With this step competitiveness in particular at high quantities has been improved. 

In 1998 the quality management system of NKL® GmbH was certified according to ISO 9001. At the end of that year the founder Klaus Lorenzen got retired. His son, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Uwe Lorenzen, took the position as CEO and Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Bernd Spatscheck became COO. 

Due to increasing business the facilities in Gaildorf became still too small. Therefore a new location for the company was chosen: Wolpertshausen ( So close to the Autobahn A6 between Heilbronn and Nuremberg we are much more accessible for our customers. This way we could solve our problems regarding space and traffic. 

In May 2000 we moved to our new facilities with a production space of 16,000 square feet and an office space of 4,000 square feet. In Wolpertshausen we have:

  • administration
  • development / application
  • production area
  • EMI test laboratory

Increasing business of NKL® GmbH made us take more care about sales and distribution. Since the end of 1997 we have a sales representative responsible for North and East Germany. For South Germany and Austria we have a sales agent since 1999. In Switzerland we are represented by Sibalco AG / Basel ( Other regions and customers from other countries are directly supported from Wolpertshausen. 

Currently NKL® GmbH in Wolpertshausen employs approx. 40 people and the production companies abroad about 100 people. The volume of sales has increased to more than € 5 million per annum.


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