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General Information about our products

It is important to us to develop and design our products according to what our customers really need. It is our strength to be flexible and react to the technical needs rapidly. It basically doesn't matter how many parts our customers need whether it is umpteen-times or millions of a customized part.

We have a pool of over 7000 parts so far and if we can't find a proper part out there we simply create a new one. This process occurs usually within few day in rare cases it may take longer.

Please consider that due to the huge variety of customized parts and variations it is economically not possible to maintain a stock of all of them. That's why we actually produce only after order receipt. There are few parts which may be available in shorter lead time. Sample can be sent quicker usually whithin one week.

Coding of our data sheet numbers

DBL010101-1 (= DDMMYY-Nr)

Coding of our type designation

Attention during the ordering process!

In order to clearly identify a part always name the data sheet number. Besides that it is very helpful to name type and electrical values. This way misapprehensions are avoided.

There are limits regarding the many combinations (modular design principle) of core size, winding and case. Therefore please do not simply create any combination in the hope it would work out somehow. Always contact us to ensure producibility.

Different makes may have influences on temperature characteristics, electric strength, EMC properties or other effects. Please contact us for discussion.