The protection of nature and environment means a lot to us. Since 1990 we have been putting an increased emphasis on environmental policy.
Approx. 80 % of our shipped parts are packed in reusable plastic trays. Worn out plastic trays are regularly disposed in our recycling system. Instead of using Styropor® we have "bio - flo-pak®" as filling material. This material is biodegradable / compostable and classified as highly environmental compatible. Other arisings like copper, tin, other metal, paper, batteries, plastics, toners, cartridges etc. are kept separated and disposed in our current recycling system. 

Our Eco choke (all cap versions) is another example for our environmental care. This choke, over 20 years old, can be separated easily in its basic components: copper, plastic and core material. 


The NKL® facility is supplied by a long-distance heating network which is fed by a biogas plant.

This way we pay our contribution in protecting our nature and resources. 

Beyond that, Wolpertshausen is the smallest community but has the highest amount of renewable energy per capita. (www.energie-zentrum.com)